The Board of Directors of the Association was restructured with the 2022 revision, ratified by a membership wide vote. Under the new structure, ANY member of the Association may serve on the Board. That means you can be a member of the Board of Directors of the Association regardless of your country or country representation.

There are 4 seats open and available on the Board of Directors of the Association. The new members of the Board will be elected to office by a membership wide vote prior to the next Colloquium (ICP 2024 India; 21-25 October, 2024) and will take office at the end of this Colloquium.

The duties of the Board of Directors can be found within the Association ByLaws. As a Board member, you will work with other individuals from across the world to fulfill these duties. The members of the current Board of Directors are listed on the IAP website, please feel free to get in touch if you would like any more information on how the current Board has operated (e.g. workload, frequency of Board meetings etc.).

If you are interested in participating in the Association, think you can contribute to the functioning and improvement of the Organization and help lead it into the next century, consider running to become a member of the Board of Directors.

If you have an interest in being on the Board of Directors, enter your email in the form below.